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sexta-feira, maio 11, 2007

CS Cardboard Kit

Papelão corrugado


8 comentários:

Joan disse...

How unique. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Anônimo disse...

Thank you so much! I love Cardboard :) this is are so talented and generous :)
Hugs - jd (Linda

Scrapcat4914 disse...

TY so very much!!!

scoobie81 disse...

How much fun! Thank you so much for the unique elements!

Elka Romero disse...

Oi, Celina! :)

Obrigada pela visita ao meu site e pelo comentário. Foi o primeiro do site. LOL
URL para quem quiser visitar:

Linkei você no meu blog (


fran b disse...

Too Cool and so is your alpha....Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

grambie disse...

Your cardboard kit is just too perfect & versatile. Love the various elements made to accommodate any type of scrap through color changes. Thanks for including more than one type of element. Leaving Love! XOXOXO

cherylzyx disse...

This is great! Thank you